Today's Issues Affecting Communications

The News Media is completely different than it was four years ago.

The allure of “issues du jour” with Junk Science leading the way, inexperienced media personnel in decimated news organizations, politicized coverage of non-political issues and the world of social media have changed forever how consumers and thought leaders get information. This radical transformation of the function, goals, and structure of traditional news gathering and delivery makes communications campaigns a challenge. It makes interface with key audiences more challenging and necessitates using new tactics.

History, Success, and New Challenges

Kroeger Associates was founded in 1988 and has been a leading small agency helping pharmaceutical, chemical, and power generation organizations execute successful outreach efforts. We’re proud—and grateful—to have represented some of the leading companies in their business sectors. Our approaches have adapted to the needs of each client during economic booms and busts, challenges associated with attitudinal changes, and approaches in outreach activities. But the fundamentals are the same: We deliver excellent results on minimal budgets given the size of the efforts. We work with extraordinarily gifted professionals. We translate complex ideas into information that anyone can understand. We know as much about our clients’ customers as they do. We generate compelling information thought leaders need and can’t otherwise easily find. We are partners in our clients’ successful positioning in their respective marketplaces, with regulators, and with influencers.

Who we are

Kroeger Associates personnel know your business and its challenges. They come from varied backgrounds and work as a team to deal with issues.

Critical skills include:

  • Award-winning copy and communications in multiple channels
  • Marketing and audience analysis
  • Healthcare expertise and relationships
  • Public health experience
  • Strategic planning, strategic thinking
  • Global vision with community focus
  • Minority outreach
  • Low literacy communications
  • Communications training for experts and management members
  • Community relations
  • Disaster planning & management
  • Working with regulatory restrictions
  • Government relations

Benefits of working with us

We partner with our clients

Our client relationships are typically longer term…the more we do, the more our clients want us to do. That comes from becoming part of the organization—understanding the business, challenges and issues.

We provide senior talent to manage and execute all activities

Many PR firms use their senior talent to pitch and win the assignment, then turn the reins over to junior members. We know from our clients (past and present) that they prefer having senior team members assigned to their work. We honor those choices and know that the overall time spent is typically LESS because our experienced team members aren’t learning the ropes at our clients’ expense.

We don’t upcharge for expenses

Many firms charge for expenses and add a fee on top of that. We will expenses at cost.

We don’t charge upfront engagement and project fees

We bill monthly and ask that our invoices be paid net 30. We will, however, always work against the budget that’s been agreed upon. And should activities occur that cause us to think we may exceed the targeted amount, we’ll let you know right away. No one likes surprises.

We have ties with other organizations and individuals who can help

We have built a network of experts in a range of fields from toxicology to environmental fate, human health and other potential concerns. Our relationships with these individuals help us to quickly tap into multiple channels of knowledge and capabilities.

We’re nimble and happy to go the extra mile when required

Gathering teams to tackle knotty problems can occur in a matter of hours. This agility and flexibility helps our clients take immediate action, when necessary.
Kroeger Associates is a small woman-owned public relations and marketing communications agency. We focus on issue management. Our team includes public relations and public affairs experts, along with marketing, healthcare and public health professionals. Our clients value the fact that they get attention from experienced personnel in day-to-day activities for the duration of the engagement. Most of our clients are with us for years. We like it that way. We’re all in this effort together, working towards a common goal.
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